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Gelgoog Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:French fries production line,vegetable washing machine,nuts roasting machine,cashew nut processing machine,ice cream cone machine,biscuit making machine
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:SCRAP, FRUITS, LIVESTOCK, CHEMICALS, ALMOND NUTS
Tianjin TTN Technology Company Limited
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:FD Fruit and Vegetable, FD Fruit and Vegetable Powder
Jiangsu Nuoyiran Import And Export Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Candy, Biscuit, seaweed snack, Dried fruit, canned food
Amafu Stock Trading
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Agricultural Products, Foods and beverages, Fresh and Dry Fruits, Grains and Seeds, Dairy Products and Animal Feeds
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Refined Sugar, White Rice, Red Lentils, Wheat Flour, Brown Sugar
Qingdao Hilda-Jingyi Trading Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Seaweed, Seafood, Blue spirulina, Rosehip, herbal tea
Xi'an Gawen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:walnut, apple, raisin, red dates, goji berry
Zhengzhou Longer Noodle Machinery
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:fresh noodle machine,dry noodle machine,cold rice noodle machine,corn noodle machine,dough mixer
Business Type:Trade Main Products:Chickpea, Garlic, Cashew Nuts, Walnut Kernel, Almond Nuts, Peanut, Raisin
Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,Ltd
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:automatic frying machine with high efficiency,automatic french fries,potato chips production line for factory,banana chips processing machine,fried peanuts making machine
Global b2b import export trade pty
Business Type:Trade Main Products:Fresh Apples,Oranges,Lemons,virgin coconut Oil,olive oil,used cooking oil,Red Lentils,Cavendish Banana, Walnut,Cashew,Peanuts,maize,corn,poppy seeds,teff seeds,soya beans,whey proteins
Cam Import Export (Pty) Ltd
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Dried Sharks's Fin,Dried Abalone, Dried Scallops ,Dried Shrimps Bird's Nests,Dried Meal worms,Red bull ,Milk powder,Cashew nuts,Nuts, seeds soft drinks
Monumental Import and Export Pty Ltd
Business Type:Trade Main Products:Dreid Fruits Grains Nuts Rice Beans Seeds Spices
Ec Trading Pty
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade & Service Main Products:Dried Sharks's Fin,Dried Abalone, Dried Scallops ,Dried Shrimps Bird's Nests,Dried Meal worms,Red bull ,Milk powder,Cashew nuts,Nuts, seeds,soft drinks
Zhengzhou Amisy Trading Co.,Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:crusher,food machine,pellet machine
Zhengzhou Longer Machinery
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:continuous frying machine,automatic frying machine,chin chin making machine,French fries production line,banana chips production line,peanuts coating machine,fried food deoiling machine.
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:continuous frying machine, snacks seasoning machine, French fries production line, potato chips making machine, fried food frying line.
Future Global Trade
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Animal Feeds, Rice, Fresh Vegetables, Plant Seeds, Canned foods, Milk powder, Frozen Foods,
Whirlston French Fries Machine
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:potato chips machine, potato chips production line, french fries machine, french fries production line, banana chips production line, plantain chips production line
Muda Globalindo
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Indonesian crackers and instant noodle
Eko Trade Import and Export
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Black pepper Red Chilli cashew nuts Almond walnut pistachios
Allance Potato Chips Machine
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:full-auto & small scale potato chips production lines and potato chips machines
Qingdao Xinmeixiang Food Co.,Ltd
Main Products:FD fruit
Phoenix International Trading Company
Business Type:Trade Main Products:Dried Fruit Chips: Taro, Sweet Potato, Jackfruit. Banana and mixed dried fruit
Phoenix International Trade Co.,LTD
Business Type:Trade Main Products:dried fruit, instant coffee, macaroni, Dried fruit Chips, Coffee, Tea, Energy drink, Soya sauce, Fish sauce, Seasoning & Spice, Vermicelli, Shrimp chips, Canned vegetable,Flour
Zhaoqing Fengxiang Food Amchinery Co., Ltd
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:1) Vegetable Processing, meat processing and production lines for catering enterprise. 2) Agricultural plant production line; 3) Full range of equipment of large canteen, central kitchen;
Lux Atena International Japan
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Processed foods and beverages such as fruit juice, coffee, tea, onion soup etc.
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:french fries production line,potato chips machine
Business Type:Trading Company, Buying Office, Distributor/Wholesaler Main Products:Rice,Rice Straw,Rice Husk,Dried Fruit Snack
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