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Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Oil, food, Seafood, Spice, Fruit
Xi'an Gawen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:walnut, apple, raisin, red dates, goji berry
Golden Fortune Industry Co.,Ltd
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Food and vitamins products,and animal nutrition
FuZhou Corona Science&technology Develpment CO.Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:tea polyphenols (Epi catechins),tea pigment,tea polysaccharide,white tea polyphenols,instant tea powder, super-micro tea powder,Chinese dry herbs,herbal extracts and related nutraceuticals
Coleus Spolkaz
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Red Bull Enery drink,Lifeworth custom austria energy cola powder drink,MONSTER ENERGY DRINK Coca Cola,Bull Energy Drink 250ml ,Bang Energy Drink 12x 500ml Rockstar Energy Drink
Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin Co., Ltd
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:leaf gelatin, gelatin, collagen, pectin
Shandong Fuyang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:glucono delta lactone,Trehalose,sodium gluconate,gluconic acid,sodium hyaluronate
Hangzhou Focus Corp.
Business Type:Trade & Service Main Products:Sweeteners,Thickeners,Acidulants,Preservatives,Antioxidants,Phosphates,Flavorings,Emulsifiers
Guangzhou Mayllinebe Cosmetics Factory
Business Type:Manufacturer Main Products:Gold face mask,deep-sea mud mask,red wine mask,whitening mask,moisturizing mask
Shandong Galaxy Biological Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company Main Products:hyaluronic acid,HA,sodium hyaluronate,hyaluronan,hyaluronan powder
Guangzhou Shiruoni Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Trading Company Main Products:Skin Care,Facial Mask,Hair Care
Heze Better Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Trading Company Main Products:hyaluronic acid,sodium hyaluronate,cosmetic hyaluronic acid,food hyaluronic acid,medical hyaluronic acid
Guangzhou Duoya Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company Main Products:Hair Care / Skin Care / Body Care Products
Xi'an Bluesky Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company Main Products:Nature Vitamin E,Phytosterol Products,Fatty Acid Methyl Ester,Monomer Stigmasterol
Xi'an Healthful Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Trading Company Main Products:Natural Vitamin E,Phytosterol,Gamma Oryzanol,Ferulic Acid,Vitamin E Succinate
Business Type:Manufacturer Main Products:cosmetic ingredients,plant extract,animal extract,synthetic,food
Qufuhaitao International Trading Co.,Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer Main Products: Other Medical Equipment , Health & Medical
Qufu Haitao International Trading Co.,ltd. export
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:HA Filler,Botox,Cosmetic Grade Hyaluronic Acid,Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid,Chondroitin Sulfate
Qingda Haitao Biochem Co.,Ltd
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:hyaluronic acid ,chondroitin sulfate,collagen
Highway International Group Limited
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Shark Chondroitin Sulphate,Spirulina powder,Glucosamine Hcl,Royal Jelly FD Powder
QuFu GuangLong Biochemical Factory
Business Type:Manufacture & Trade Main Products:Hyaluronic Acid,Chondroitin Sulfate,Gel,Sodium Hyaluronate
Business Type:Manufacture Main Products:hyaluronic acid food grade,cosmetic grade,pharma grade chondroitin sulfate bovine,porcine,shark,chicken
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