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Organic Processed Pitted Dates 10 kg ,Packed Dates
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  • History of Dates in Tunisia:

    The palm tree and date fruit are national symbols of Tunisia .Cultivated in Tunisia since 5000 years.

    The Date Palm Tree is often named “the Tree of Life”.

    In the desert they the nomadic tribes often call the dates “bread of the desert”.

    They are now praised all over the world for their high nutritional value

    Deglet Nour or Noor means “Fingers of light” because of their slight translucency and their elongated shape.

    Their seed can be seen right through the flesh when held to the light.

    The Deglet Nour date is famous worldwide and often recognized as the best of all the dates.

    It is commonly referred to as the "Queen of all dates". Branched dates are the premium extra dates, 100% Natural.

    Health Benefits of Dates:

    The fruit is rich in dietary fiber, which prevents LDL cholesterol absorption in the gut.

    Additionally, the fiber works as a bulk laxative.

    They are moderate sources of vitamin-A (contains 149 IU per 100 g), which is known to have antioxidant properties and essential for vision. Additionally, it is also required maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin.

    Consumption of natural fruits rich in vitamin A is known to help protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.


Category of Dates

Deglet Noor means 'Shining Dates' or 'Date of light'

Presentation form

Branched Dates

Processing status

Natural Dates

Organic status


Carton box weight

5 kg

Deglet Nour trendy color amber to brown


12 months – Temperature : 0°C to 4°C HR<65%

Harvest period

October to December


Tunisian Desert (Tozeur, Kebili, Douz, Nefta)


Consume as fresh dates


Soft to semi-dry with a water content of 18% to 22%


ISO 9000 , ISO 22000 , HACCP, Organic USDA , IFS

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