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100% Quality wheat bran for Animal Feed

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Wheat Bran is a by-product generated while extracting flour from the Wheat Grain. Technically speaking there’s no product called Animal Feed Wheat Bran or Human Food Wheat Bran. When buyers use term called Animal Feed Wheat Bran, the producers use adulterants to reduce the cost of the product and offer the price for the same. Using adulterants based wheat bran may harm animal and birds as well. This is the basic reason for major price difference in different suppliers from Europe.

Our Wheat Bran that is free of impurities and 100% safe to consume. We offer three kinds of wheat bran namely Coarse, Fine and Superfine. Processed as per the food industry standards, this is extremely acknowledged for its high nutritional value, purity and long shelf life. Our Wheat Bran is rich in starch, protein, vitamins, and dietary fiber.


-High absorbency – keeping bedding dry, improving bacteria control.
-Odour control – binding the smell of ammoniac.
-Regular wheat-straw pellets are virtually dust free.
-Environment friendly – the waste can be used as an excellent fertilizer. Short -compost time – carbon neutral in 1 year.
-Reduce the storage space needed for bedding.
-Faster and easier clean up – require less effort, less material used for scattering, and less effort mucking .


DDGS: Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles
Apperance: yellowish-brown----dark brown
odor: a little fermentation
Protein: 28%
Fiber: 15%
Fat: 8%,
Ash: 10%
Moisture: 10%
acid Insoluble Ash - 0.25%
Crop - New Crop
Free from Live Weevils, Fungus Free, No Visual Molds or Lumps

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