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Air Shower

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
OriginJinan, Shandong, China
Production Capacity60 sets per month
Update Time2015-11-04
company profile
Jinan Angel Industrial Co., Ltd
Contact: Ms.Kitty Chen
Tel: 86-0531-86666668
Number of Employees: 100 ~ 500
Business Type: Manufacture
product details
Model No:EK
Standard:ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE
Origin:Jinan, Shandong, China

Product Description
Our company produces personnel air showers and cargo air showers, which are effective equipment to purifying human body and cargo and prevent outdoor dust particles from entering the clean room. They are applied in all clean rooms. They can purify dust particles attach to human body and cargo by quick clean air flow to set a safety barrier for the clean area.

Product Feature
1.Automatic control operation, two-door electronic interlocking, inductive automatic blowing rain and when blowing spray the two-door is closed.
2.Cold plate spray series, using multilayer Pickling technology, antistatic spray treatment.
3.Stainless steel handles, thick stainless steel base plate, stainless steel nozzle with a basic configuration.
4.Using digital blow caught in time, adjustable air shower 0~99s, and display the air shower time.
5.Using a new design concept to design the air blowing system and the wind speed can reach 25m/s~32m/s strong wind, so it can ensure that who enter the clean room and the cargo to achieve thorough dusting the perfect effect.

Product Specification/Models
Clean Air Shower
1. Photo electricity control, automatic air shower.
2. Electronic interlocking.
3. Purify dust particles

Wind Cream room is the necessary purification device for people who enter clean room without dust, the versatility is strong, can be used with all clean room and clean plant. The staff enter workshop by this device. With strong clean air, it can effective quickly reduce the dust in clothes and hair and chip such as debris. It can reduce people who in and out of clean room bringing pollution problem. Electronic interlocking two air shower door, you can play a role gas chamber to prevent air pollution and have not been cleaning the outside world into the clean area.

Other Information
High performance, high seal : imported electronic components, performance stable and reliable, advanced noise reduction system and the use of EVA sealing material for muting devices, and confined high performance.

1.stainless steel inside the box 2.stainless steel addition to the electrostatic device 4.automatic doors 5.two-speed Fan 6.pressure in tables 7.plate Stainless Steel

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