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beer making machine in hotel

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
OriginShandong, China
Production Capacity6 Sets/ month
Update Time2012-10-16
company profile
Jinan Liangyoubier Machinery Co. Ltd.
Contact: Ms.Amber Tan
Tel: 86-531-88613057
Number of Employees: < 20
Business Type: Manufacture
product details
Model No:LY-0.5
Origin:Shandong, China

--best beer equipment in China

--produce beer 500L / day

--highest quality

--low price

--great service

Design of our Workshop production processes are based on the technology and process provide by the Czech and German companies .And their engineers gave professional guidance to help us complete the manufacturing process .

  Best  beer equipment made in China!

  This delicate equipment system contains mainly 9 parts---

----  Malt mill   (TY300 ,1set)    300- 500Kg / h, motor power 3.75KW, roller style.

---- Mash boiling tank  (600L ,1set)     mirror-polished copper .

----  Mash lauter/ whirlpool tank   (500L,1set)  With  inner thickness: 100mm 304 stainless steel;Outside: mirror-polished copper.

----  fermentation tank     (1000L,8sets)   1240L; effective volume: 1000L; both inside and outside ,stainless steel304. Insulation material ,PU. Temperature measurement method: Bi-metal thermometer temperature.

----  Ice water tank     (1000L,1set)   insulation materials: polyurethane; liner: stainless steel, outer frosted or mirror stainless steel panel; with sewage outfall.

---- Wort pump   (BAW120,1set)   Motor Power: 0.75KW, flow: 3 tons / h lift: 15 meters, impeller diameter: 110mm, mash lauter tank,boiling tank, whirlpool sharing

--  Plate heat exchanger   (BR0.05-3,1set)   304 stainless steel, the two phase cooling

----  Refrigeration group    (Q3.0SA,2sets) 3.75KW, 380V, Freon 22, cooling capacity 5P full-closed

----  Ice water pump     (SGR40-6-20,1set) Voltage 220V, 0.75KW, flow; 3T / H, lift 20 meters, the standard nozzle Path.

---- CIP pump   (3T/h,1set) Motor Power: 0.75KW, flow: 3 tons / h lift: 15 meters, impeller diameter: 110mm

----  wort aerating device   (1 entry)   All argon arc welding, made in 304 stainless steel.

----  Wort sugar measuring device   (1 pc)  Materials and Processing Technology: All argon arc welding, made in 304 stainless steel.

----  tower    (Single span,2sets) Finish machining in stainless steel

---- Power cabinet    (1set) Voltage: 380v. Control: heating, rakes, stirring, wort pump, refrigerator, plumbing pumps, temperature and pressure-controlled fermentor system

---- Yeast additional tank    (5L,1set) Total capacity 25 liters, Materials: 304 stainless steel  with flanges, Venturi tubes oxygenating.

---- Fittings and Accessories      Taps(00160,2pcs ) ;Brix Refractometer(0-1020-40 ,2pcs each) ;  Supply Line for Beverage & Brewery(12;25;15 meters each) ; Valves ;pipe fittings and joints ; special-purpose tool (a pair of endoscopic wrench);  spent grains harrow ; measuring  tubes ,etc.



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