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Blended Honey with Cordyceps Extract for woman

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Jilin Province Juhui Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.
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A new health food and nutritional supplement.Enhance female life condition.

Blended HONEY with Cordyceps extract for women
The Kidney Organ System controls the formation and release of the egg from the ovaries. If Kidney Qi, Yin or yang are weak, infertility may result. Kidney deficiency can accompany a kind of chronic fearfulness that causes low sex desire, tension, exhaustion or depression associated with the irregular menstrual periods or menopause.

According to the Chinese medicine, women above 20-25 years old tend to have Kidney deficiency(describes a general pattern of symptoms that may be hereditary, but more often follow chronic stress or chronic negative emotions such as fear, guilt, or sexual excesses.)

Blended Honey with Cordyceps extract for women promotes longevity, enhances vitality, and elevates your sex drive. Cordyceps is a Traditional Chinese Herbal formula used for thousands of years to improve kidney energy and promote longevity. Take this honey mixed with cordyceps when you have the symptoms of chronic fatigue or when you are losing sexual interest due to low vitality. It is also good for women in menopause. These herbs regulate your hormonal levels, fortify your blood, support adrenal function, enhance mental performance, moisten the body and skin and reduce wrinkles.

Elevate your sex drive, regulate hormonal levels, rejuvenate your body for a more youthful you.
Superior quality Blended Honey in Cordyceps, a newly developed healthy food for women Nourishes your kidney essence, Naturally promotes a healthy hormonal balance, Helps ease menstrual, menopausal and cleanses and nourishes the female reproductive system. Blended Honey with Cordyceps extract does not contain hormones, its benefits stem from its natural support and has on side effects.
Recommended for:
women with low sex drive, irregular periods ,exhaustion, depression, despair, lack of willpower or spirit of initiative and apathy
women with kidney-deficiency, Endocrine disorder and tinnitus, poor memory, associated with menopause or gynaecological diseases .
Stir well before use. Mix 1 tablespoon (15g) of cordyceps with Raw Honey with a glass of warm water. Take it once a week.
Those who are in the age of less than 18 or pregnant or those with severe heart disease or hypertension are forbidden to use.

Product Type: Honey Processing Type: Raw
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