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Chinese source Rosemary extract,Ursolic acid,Antioxidant

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≥1 piece
Production Capacity10000KGs
Update Time2020-06-29
company profile
Changsha Staherb Natural Ingredients Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms.Daisy zhou
Tel: 0086-186-73256268
Number of Employees: 100 ~ 500
Business Type: Manufacture & Service
product details
Model No:STA-00719

 Chinese source Rosemary extract,Ursolic acid,Antioxidant



Product name:Ursolic acid 
Specification: Ursolic acid25-98%HPLC

Source: From rosemary plant or Loquat leaf
CAS NO: 77-52-1 
Solubility: Good solubility in ethanol 
Color: White powderUrsolic acid 98%

EINECS: 201-034-0 
Chemistry: Ursolic acid [(3)-3-Hydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid] rarely occurs without its isomer oleanolic acid [(3)-3-Hydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid] They may occur in their free acid form, or as aglycones for triterpenoid saponins which are comprised of a triterpenoid aglycone linked to one or more sugar moieties. Ursolic and oleanolic acids are similar in pharmacological activity.

Molecular Formula : C30H48O3 
Molecular Weight: 456.71

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