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Colorless organic green factory bulk freeze dried sweet potato

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CategoryDehydrated Vegetables
Update Time2021-02-25
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Gansu Feitianyun Technology Information Co., Ltd.
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Number of Employees: 20 ~ 50
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Product introduction
Dried sweet potato is also called dried sweet potato, and its taste is loved by consumers. In the Qing Dynasty, because of its excellent quality, it was often used as a tribute to the Imperial Palace in ancient China. The dried sweet potato retains its natural color and quality. The color is yellow and red, the taste is fragrant and sweet, the texture is soft and chewy, and the content of glucose, vitamin A and vitamin B is very high.
Nutritional value of the product
1. Sweet potato contains more than 10 microelements, such as dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, iron, copper, selenium, calcium, etc. The nutritional value is very high, which is called the most balanced "health" food by nutritionists.
2. Sweet potato is rich in potassium, β - carotene, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B6, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease. Sweet potato contains collagen and mucopolysaccharide, which can reduce the content of total cholesterol in blood and prevent arteriosclerosis.
3. The fiber contained in sweet potato is 10 times as much as that in rice flour. It is fine in texture and does not hurt the stomach. It can accelerate the peristalsis of digestive tract, help defecate, clean the digestive tract, shorten the retention time of toxic substances in food in the intestine, reduce the self poisoning caused by constipation, reduce the concentration of carcinogens in the intestine, and prevent hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. At the same time, cellulose can absorb part of glucose, reduce the sugar content in the blood, and help prevent diabetes.
4. Sweet potato is rich in mucoprotein, which is a mixture of polysaccharide and protein. It has a special protective effect on human body. It can keep the lubrication of digestive tract, respiratory tract, joint cavity and membrane cavity and the elasticity of blood vessels. Because this material can prevent the Arteriosclerosis Caused by the deposition of material on the arterial wall, it can prevent the atrophy of connective tissue of liver, kidney and other organs, and it can reduce Slow down the aging of human organs and improve the body immunity. It also contains glycoprotein, which has good anti mutation, hypolipidemic and immunity enhancing effects.
5. Eating sweet potatoes often helps to maintain normal folate levels in the human body. Too low folate content in the body will increase the risk of cancer.
Efficacy and function of the product
1. Cancer prevention and anticancer
Sweet potato contains starch, carotene and various microelements, which can protect the integrity of human epithelial cells and inhibit virus activity. The dehydroepiandrosterone in sweet potato (steroid hormone similar to androgen secreted by adrenal gland) can prevent cancer and fight cancer.
2. Beauty and slimming
Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber, which can clean up intestinal waste, gather toxins and waste, and discharge them from the body. Vitamins can also create new cells in the intestinal tract, and promote metabolism. Moreover, sweet potato is a low-fat, low heat energy food. If it is a staple food, it can reduce the amount of other food and also reduce weight.
3. Treat constipation
Starch and cellulose in sweet potato can stimulate intestines, absorb a lot of water, promote food softening, strengthen peristalsis, and achieve the effect of defecation.
4. He xuebuzhong
The sweet potato is very rich in nutrition. It contains a lot of sugar, vitamins and minerals. It can be effectively absorbed by the human body, prevent and treat malnutrition, and it can nourish the middle and replenish qi, which is beneficial to the spleen and stomach deficiency of Zhongjiao, infantile malnutrition and other diseases.
5. Anti aging and prevention of arteriosclerosis
The function of anti-aging and prevention of arteriosclerosis of sweet potato is mainly that its water is produced by the action of active oxygen. The mucin contained in sweet potato can keep the elasticity of blood vessel wall and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis. The chlorogenic acid in sweet potato can inhibit the production of melanin and prevent the appearance of freckles and senile spots. It can also inhibit skin aging, maintain skin elasticity and slow down the aging process of the body.


Commodity Description
Name Freeze dried sweet potato
Specification 500g/bag

Q1:How long will you get our reply?
A: We will respond within 1 hour.


Q2:How is the price?
A:As we believe the quality is the most important,we will provide the best quality with reasonable price.


Q3:Could you provide me the shortest lead time?
A:Please tell me your detailed requirements, we will send to you as early as we can.


Q4: Do you have inspection procedure before shipping?
A: Yes, we do, 100% QC inspection before shipment.


Q5: Can you provide free samples?
A: Yes, we can, but samples freight belongs to clients.


Q6: What package do you use?
A:Of course depend on your request.


Q7: Do you accept OEM&ODM?
A:Yes,we accept OEM&ODM. We have design department and are good at designing and always provide this service for abroad company.


Q8:Do you have any certificate?
A:Yes, we have BRC,IFS,Haccp and ISO22000,health certificate,origin certificate etc. If you need any other certificates, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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