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Dextrin,Malaysia price supplier

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity
Update Time2021-05-05
company profile
Hermit Resource SDN BHD
Contact: Mr.Fakhrul Zack
Tel: 60-1769-98908
Number of Employees: 100 ~ 500
Business Type: Manufacture
product details

Dextrins are starch converted products which find applications in textiles, adhesives, dyes, foundries and other industries.

Dextrins are partially hydrolysed starches that are prepared by heating or dry roasting in the presence of a catalyst. This dextrinization reduces the larger starch molecules into smaller dextrin components. The dextrinization process is controlled to result in several different grades of white and yellow dextrins.

Common to all these grades of Dextrins, however is their ready solubility in water, almost wholly or partially. The controlled processing of Dextrins gives them varying physical properties such as decreased tendency of aqueous suspension to form gel and low viscosity of solutions which can form a continuous and uniformly thin film on drying. Dextrin films have greater elasticity and strength than mere starch

    Odour:                                   Odourless
    Moisture:                               13%Max.
    Brightness:                            90% Min
    Starch Content:                      98% Min
    pH:                                        5-7
    Ash:                                      0.25Max
    Protein:                                 0.45 % Max
    Sieve Retention (100Mesh):    1% Max.
    Fibre:                                    0.5% Max
    Iron:                                      40 ppm Max
    SO2:                                     45 ppm Max
    Viscosity:                              32 Sec Minimum

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