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Electrical Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing Equipment

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≥1 piece
Production Capacity10 Sets per week
Update Time2015-11-24
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Labthink International, Inc.
Contact: Ms.Emily Wu
Tel: 0086-531-85060139
Number of Employees: 100 ~ 500
Business Type: Manufacture
product details
Model No:OX2/230
Standard:ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622

Electrical Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing Equipment 


The pre-conditioned specimen is mounted between the upper and lower chambers at ambient atmospheric pressure. One chamber contains oxygen or air and the other chamber is slowly purged by a stream of nitrogen. Due to the concentration difference between the two chambers, oxygen molecules permeate through the specimen into the nitrogen side and are taken to the coulometric sensor where proportional electrical signals are generated. The oxygen transmission rate is then obtained by analyzing and calculating the signals. For package samples, high purity nitrogen flows inside the package, and oxygen or air flows outside.



  • Wide range and high precision of temperature and humidity control, adding humidity to two sides of the specimen, to support various combinations of non-standard test conditions
  • World leading pressure compensation technology ensures accurate and repeatable test results
  • 3 diffusion cells are integrated in one instrument with lower space occupancy rate and higher test efficiency
  • 3 distinct or equivalent specimens can be tested individually with independent test results at one operation



This test instrument conforms to the following standards:
ISO 15105-2, ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, GB/T 19789, JIS K7126-2, YBB00082003  

 About Labthink:


lasting adhesion testing equipment



lasting adhesion testing equipment


Labthink instruments have been widely used and recognized by more than 6,000 scientific institutional laboratories, inspection organizations, and universities and corporate quality control departments.


Labthink is dedicated to providing professional consulting, testing instruments, support services, and quality assurance solutions for packaging in various fields.

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