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factory vefetables fryer sweet potato vacuum frying machine

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The difference between vacuum fryer and ordinary fryer: 1. Ordinary frying is high-temperature frying. Such a temperature has a certain destructive effect on some nutrients in the food. The oil will quickly oxidize and become black, which wastes the oil. 2. The vacuum frying machine is more energy-efficient and saves 5 times the oil than ordinary frying. The temperature of vacuum frying is only about 100 degrees. The oil is not easy to oxidize and blacken, so it can be used for a long time. 3. The finished product that has been fried by the vacuum fryer does not change color and does not damage the ingredients, and maintain the original nutrition to a greater extent. The oil content of the fried product is less than 20%. 4. When the vacuum fryer machine is in a vacuum state, the boiling point of the oil is lowered, and the fried product has a high bulkiness. 5. The use of Xuzhong vacuum frying machine has a high degree of mobilization. You only need to do the pre-processing of the materials, input the materials, enter the time and temperature, and the finished product is fried and de-oiled. Centrifugal oil removal, stepless speed change, from 100 to 500 revolutions per minute, can be adjusted at will.
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