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Feed Additive Granular Dicalcium Phosphate/DCP (Granular)

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece 300
Production Capacity40000 Metric Ton Per Year
CategoryNutrition Supplements
Update Time2021-03-03
company profile
Sichuan Mianzhu Sanjia Feed Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr.Mr. Kim Zhu
Tel: 86-838-6503600
Number of Employees: 500 ~ 1000
Business Type: Manufacture
product details

Feed Grade Dicalcium phosphate (Granular DCP)

Name of product
Feed grade Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate

White crystal powder & White granular

Product introduction
Alias of Calcium hydrogen phosphate is Dicalcium Phosphate[DCP] with a molecular formula of CaHPO4.2H2O and molecular weight of 172.10. Easily soluble in dilute Hydrochloric Acid, dilute Nitric Acid and Acetic Acid, low soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, with low moisture absorption, it begins to lose its crystal water at 90 degree Celsius and convert to calcium pyrophosphate above 400 degree Celsius. It is used to supply mineral nutrition such as phosphorus and calcium, which can be easily digested and absorbed. It accelerates animals to grow, shortens the period for animals to fat up and increases its weight, breeding rate and survival rate. Meanwhile it enhances animal capability against diseases such as rickets, dysentery and palsy etc. "SANJIA" and "FUYIN" Brand Feed Grade DCP include 17% and 18% as its Phosphorous percent , powder & granular as its granularity. The Granular DCP is made from Powder DCP by machine-pressing, without any caking agent. Its little powder ameliorates working conditions and reduces the loss of product. Also, it could be easily assimilated for staying in animal stomach for longer time.

Packing and Storage
Packing in plastic woven bag with plastic lining, containing 25kg or 50kg net. Keep away from rain moisture and sunlight. Never store or transport it together with detrimental or poisonous matters.

Quality Certification
Passed ISO9001-2000 quality assurance system so that monitoring can be performed throughout the whole process from purchase of raw materials to product realization, thus effectively ensuring quality of products delivered.

Criteria Implemented


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