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Feed Grade Amino Acid Powder

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece 980
Production Capacity2000 Metric Ton M
Update Time2021-02-26
company profile
Qingdao Salus International Trade Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr.Mr. Wiley
Tel: 86-532-80938486
Number of Employees:
Business Type: Manufacture, Trade
product details
1. Product name: AMINO ACID
2. Form: Powder

3. It is light yellow powder or granular. Excellent flowing, dissolve totally and instant, easy to wet. This product is ammonium amino acids also contain organic and inorganic nitrogen. It is leading raw materials for amino acids leaf fertilzier, also can use to fertigation and base fertilizer to promote crops growing.

Composing component
AA≥ 40%
ASP 2.21% THR 2.06 SER 2.73%
GLU 5.33% GLY 1.40% ALA 1.38%
CYS 1.07% VAL 1.88% MET 0.27%
ILE 1.10% IEU 1.43% TYR 0.42%
PHE 0.97% LYS 1.16% HIS 0.30%
ARG 2.98% PRD 2.28%

4. Fuction

PRD: It is rich in energy and nitrogen, it anti-cold and involed in chlorophyll synthesis, PRD plasys important role on converting nitrogen in plant boday to amino acids and breeding flower and somatic embeyogenesis also to promote growth to some extent.

THR and LYS are the basic elements for plants also control blackspot and bacttiostasis
GLY and ASP are active element of botanical peticide


Baisc fertilizerd and base fertilizer: Mix with 10kg water or sung or other compound fertilzier to pour or along with irrigation, fit for all crops
Leaf fertilizer: Dilute 800-1000times to spray, also mix with trace elements to spay
Compound fertilzier and salt fertilization: Mix with compound fertilzier by 5% to 8% to improve its oxyen and increase the rayte of ctops absorption

Basic Info

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