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Food additive 2,3,5,6-Tetramethylpyrazine CAS 1124-11-4,China Hezhong price supplier

Food additive 2,3,5,6-Tetramethylpyrazine CAS 1124-11-4
min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity800--1000kg/month
Update Time2021-09-01
company profile
Wuhan Hezhong Bio-Chemical Manufacturer Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms.Amanda Yang
Tel: 0086-027-50755994
Number of Employees: 500 ~ 1000
Business Type: Manufacture & Trade
product details
Model No:1124-11-4
Standard:Enterprise Standard

Food additive 2,3,5,6-Tetramethylpyrazine CAS 1124-11-4

Quick details:

Product name:2,3,5,6-Tetramethylpyrazine
CAS NO. :1124-11-4
Formula: C8H12N2
Molecular Weight: 136.20
FEMA NO:. 3237
Appearance: White crystal or powder
Aroma Description: Light sweet chocolate, baking, coffee, nuts like aroma.
Melting point :183-189 ? (84-87 ℃)
Flash Point:> 392 ? (200 ℃)
GLC content (%): ≥ 98
Uses: Can be used for chocolate, coffee, soy fragrances.
Packing: 1kg/5kg
Storage conditions: Stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place


White crystalline or powder. It will have a  beef and pig fat aroma and fermented soy flavor when heated  When diluted to 20mg/kg it has a milk chocolate flavor. Boiling point 84, melting point 190 ~ 86. Soluble in ethanol, most non-volatile oil and propylene glycol, slightly soluble in water.
The natural products can be found in guava, Roast Beef, cocoa, Coffee, shrimp etc..


It can be made by 2, 3- butyl two and 2, 3- butyl two amine condensation.It can be used as flavor enhancer, the sweetener of alcoholic beverage and the supplement of the cigarette .


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