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Frozen Pork Hind Leg / Feet / Tail / Pork Meat,Brazil Polenghi price supplier

Frozen Pork Hind Leg / Feet / Tail / Pork Meat
min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity4000 Metric Ton per Month
CategoryFrozen Meat
Update Time2021-10-12
company profile
Brazil VIP Supplier
Contact: Mr.Taigo Fernando
Tel: +55-11977661-387
Number of Employees: 1000 ~ 5000
Business Type: Manufacture & Trade
product details
Model No:2997355-h
Standard:Grade AA

Our company is the leading supplier of Pork and all pork parts cuts of Grade A products and top clean quality products from Europe and Asian factories.

We have ready below stocks to ship out and build long term contracts with ready buyers

Frozen Pork and parts, according to the following terms and conditions as stated bellow;
Frozen Pork for human consumption
We have in stock the following pork parts
Frozen Pork Half Carcass
Frozen Pork Leg Bone-in, Skin on
Frozen Pork Leg Bone-in Skinless
Frozen Pork Leg Boneless Skinless
Frozen Pork Loin Bone-in Skinless
Frozen Pork Loin Boneless Skinless
Frozen Pork Shoulder Boneless, Skinless
Frozen Pork Collar Boneless, Skinless
Frozen Pork Loin Boneless, Skinless
Frozen Pork Tenderloin
Frozen Pork Belly Sheet Ribbed, Skin on
Frozen Pork Spareribs
Frozen Pork Back Fat
Frozen Pork Cutting Fat
Frozen Pork Tenderloin
Frozen Pork Hind Feet
Frozen Pork Ear Flap
Frozen Pork Kidneys
Frozen Pork Jowl
Frozen Pork Heart
Frozen Pork Liver
Frozen Pork Neck Bones
Frozen Pork Skin
Frozen Pork Tongue
Frozen Pork Throat
Frozen Pork Snout
Frozen Pork leg


• White skin
• No broken bones
• Well cleaned and fresh
• No bruises
• No black pads or ammonia burns
• No bad smells
• No excessive blood or blood stains
• Moisture content is less than 3% 



 Frozen Pork Feet and Sparerib

Skin-off, bone-in, with tender loin and ribs 4-6cm in width,fat tissue not exceeding 0.5cm. Packing:In cartons of 25kg net each.


 Frozen pork liver Without veins, fat and gall, fresh in quality and neat in appearance.
Packing: 4 boxesX5kg to a carton.


  Frozen pork Heart

Washed and drained, without veins and bloodstain, fresh in quality and neat in appearance.
Packing: 4 boxes to a carton of 20kg.


 Frozen pork Kidney 

Fat and external membrance removed, fresh in quality and neat in appearance.
Packing: 4 boxes to a carton of 20kg


  Frozen pork spleen Fresh in quality, well-frozen and with a slight amount of fat left.
Packing: 4 boxes(polybags)X5kg to a carton of 20kg
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