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Gum hashab from its origin Sudan

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity500 tons per month
Update Time2021-05-23
company profile
Arin Alosood
Contact: Mr.Ayman Khalid
Tel: 249-9-25195094
Number of Employees: < 20
Business Type: Trade
product details
Model No:AG-G1
Standard:acacia sesegal
Brand:gum arabic


Product: Arabic Gum (Acacia Senegal), nodules of large size, cleaned grade, kibbled, and  powder.

Composition: natural, organic, polysaccharide, which on hydrolysis yield, rhamnose, glucuronic acid, a minor protein Component, and 40 methoxy glucuronic acid.

Arabic Gum Hashab (Grade 1): is sorted to the following types :-

·        Hand Picked Selected (HPS): The cleanest type, lightest color and in form of large nodules.

·        Cleaned: Contains siftings and without dust.

·        Siftings: Fine particles remaining following sorting of the choicer grades. Contains some bark, sand and few dirt.

·        Dust: very small particles collected after cleaning process but contains dirt and sand.



·        Solubility: highly soluble in water, give up to 50%

·        Hydrolysis products: passes test

·        Moisture: less than 15%

·        Total ash: less than 4%

·        Viscosity: 70~110 mpsc

·        Ph: 4.2~ 4.8

·        Tannin test: passes test

·        Nitrogen content: 0.24~ 0.41%

·        Protein content: 1.58~2.7% (N x 6.6)

·        Starch and dextrin: Passes Test

·        Salmonella sp: Absent/g



·        Emulsifier

·        Stabilizer

·        Thickener

·        Flavor fixative

Packing: 50 Kg jute bags, 25 kg polypropylene plastic bags, 1800 Kg multilayer polypropylene jumbo bags or as per customer desire.

Comparison between Sudanese Arabic Gum & other countries:



Other Countries

1- The stable system of gum cultivation cycle is practiced in many areas

1- Over - exploitation and cutting of trees through shifting cultivation is practiced

2- Development of Gum Projects at all levels

2- Lack of serious development projects

3- Uniform stands of monoculture of

the right species in large tracks

3- Mixed species in patches

4- Well- experienced producers, tappers, collectors, cleaners and graders

4- Lack of experience in all fields

5- Land tenure settles – recognized private ownership

5- Serious land tenure problems, Gum

produced in the no man's land

6- Producers are mainly settled agriculturists

6- Producers are mostly nomads not

interested in Gum development


Storage: Dry conditions preferable.

Shelf Life: Unlimited.

Origin: Sudan.

Delivery: 2~4 weeks, Portsudan, Sudan.

FOB Price: 3200~3500 $ USD/Metric Ton.

Payment terms: L/C, T/T.

Documents attached:  certificate of origin authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce - Certificate of Quarantine - Certificate of weight - a certificate of quality - an invoice value of the product certified by the Chamber of Commerce - bill of lading.

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