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High Quality Choline Chloride Feed Additives CAS: 67-48-1

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece 600
Production Capacity5000 Metric Ton Monthly
Update Time2021-03-03
company profile
Nutricorn Co., Limited
Contact: Mr.Mr. Lee
Tel: 86-533-3590942
Number of Employees:
Business Type: Manufacture, Trade
product details
Product name: Choline Chloride

Product Description
The company which is a professional chemical corp certified by SGS, BV and ISO9001, is a leading manufacture & exporter of Choline Chloride Feed Grade, supply Choline Chloride Corn COB 60%min, 50%min, Choline Chloride Silica 50%min, Choline Chloride Liquid 75%min in high quality at competitive price.

Uses: Mainly used in medicine products and feed additive, used as medicine intermidiater and directly used as livestock feed additive, promote organic growth and perfect organic balance, is one member of vitamin B family.

Property: Purity choline chloride is white crystal or powder. Absorb moisture strongly, deliquescene quickly in the air, with light fishy smell, it is color is changed with different carrier.

Main types as following:
1/Corn COB, color depends on the color of the corn COB.
2/Natural Silica, grey white powder.
3/Synthetical Silica, white powder with good fluid.

A) Choline Chloride Corn COB 50%Min or 60%Min Feed Grade:
Choline Chloride (%)50% or 60%
Loss on drying (%) 2.0%
Fineness(20 mesh ) (%) 95%

B) Choline Chloride Silica 50%Min Feed Grade:
Choline Chloride (%) 50%
Loss on drying (%) 16%-17%
Fineness(60 mesh ) (%) 100%

C) Choline Chloride Liquid 75%Min Feed Grade:
Choline Chloride (%) 75.0
PH value: 6.5-8.0
Glycol (%) 0.50
Chlorohydrin(Cl) (%) 0.2
Trimethylamine 300PPM
Residue on ignition (%)0.20
Heavy Metal (Pb) (%) 0.002
Assay50.0%≥   60.0%≥ 70.0%≥ 75.0%
Loss on Drying≤ 2.0%≤ 2.0%  
Granule(through 20 mesh)≥ 95%≥ 95%  
PH value  6.8-8.06.0-8.0
Ethylene Glucol  ≤ 0.50%≤ 0.50%
Trimethylamine≤ 300ppm≤ 300ppm≤ 300ppm≤ 300ppm
Residue on Ignition  ≤ 0.20%≤ 0.20%
Heavy metal(as Pb)  ≤ 0.002%   ≤ 0.002%

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