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High quality miso machine matches with soup vending made in Japan and used in japan

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity1000 Carton/Cartons per Week
CategoryFast Foods
Update Time2014-09-19
company profile
Contact: Mr.Mr. Kazuhiko Fushimi
Tel: 81-3-52850111
Number of Employees: 301 - 500 People
Business Type: Manufacturer
product details
Model No:dispenser-150
Brand:Marukome Co., Ltd.

Capable of making approximately 70 consecutive bowls of miso soup at 10 seconds per bowl.

                  High quality miso machine matches with soup vending made in Japan and used in japan                  


Over 9,000 machines installed domestically.

Currently expanding into Asia, Oceania, Europe, and elsewh ere globally.

  Allows you to easily offer the same standard of authentic miso soup.  


 Hoshizaki Miso Soup D ispenser 
This convenient machine allows you to make a bowl of miso soup just by pushing 

a button. Capable of making approximately 70 consecutive bowls of miso soup 

at   10 seconds per bowl.

Flexible enough to accommodate for lunchtimes at busy restaurants.

From the amount of water and miso, to the temperature of the water,

everything  can be  adjusted to suit the needs of your customers,

so you can always offer  the perfect  bowl  of miso soup.


 One Shot Artisan Server 
Marukome's original small-scale, easy to maintain miso server.

This machine allows you to add water directly to the tank and bring it to a boil,

so there is no need for a direct connection to an external water supply or a pump.

As long as you can ensure a steady power supply, this space-saving machine

can be setup anywhere.

Allows you to freely set the amounts of water and miso dispensed,

so you can reproduce you favorite FLAVOR any time.



This miso can be used in both dispensers.

Available in our light-bodied white miso, and our richer blend miso.

Winner of the "Gendai no Meiko*" (Contemporary Master Craftsman) award,

this product was developed based on the desire to create a product that would allow

anyone to enjoy Marukome's delicious miso soup made by skilled artisans at anytime. 

Why not try making our excellent miso soup, the product of the passion and technique

of skilled artisans, at your own restaurant? 

This is Marukome's famed miso soup that satisfies the hunger of our diverse customer base.


*The "Gendai no Meiko" (Contemporary Master Craftsman) award is a form of

public acknowledgement honoring Japan's foremost skilled artisans, and is awarded

by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. Our company's miso artisan,

Daishiro Murasawa, received the award from the ministry in 2012.



We are expanding all over the world. In addition to our factory in Los Angeles,

we have locations in United Kingdom (London), Korea, Thailand, and China (Shanghai).


Our company makes miso using traditional natural fermentation methods

and mechanically regulated factory equipment.
We make quality miso using age-old methods in Marukome's warehouse

on the Miasa Plateau, surrounded by the Japanese Alps.


Our Miasa warehouse in winter. Our miso grows delicious while it spends winter

nestled deep in the snow-covered mountains.


Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Marukome Co., Ltd.
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