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Horse Mackerel (Trachurus spp)

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity4000 Metric Ton per Month
CategoryFrozen Seafoods
Update Time2021-02-09
company profile
Brazil VIP Supplier
Contact: Mr.Taigo Fernando
Tel: +55-11977661-387
Number of Employees: 1000 ~ 5000
Business Type: Manufacture & Trade
product details
Model No:2997356-H
Standard:Grade AA


Brief description

Horse mackerel (Trachurus spp) is referred to family (Trachurus spp.), is found in the Mediterranean sea, Northern sea, Spain, Australian and New Zealand coastal waters. Horse mackerel - has an elongated body, covered with small scales her back blue-gray, sides and belly silvery. Size up to 25 cm, some individuals reach a size of 50 cm (with a weight of about 1.5 kg). In mid-latitude waters mackerel spawn in the warm season, in the subtropics and tropics spawning almost year-round. In the North Sea off the coast of South Africa and Australia with the onset of cold mackerel migrates seasonally, moving to warmer waters. Nations for Horse Mackerel are Australia, New Zealand and Morocco.

Product form


Landfrozen, HGT, blocks, 20/24 kg packaging, Morocco
Landfrozen, WR,  blocks, 20/24 kg packaging, Morocco
Seafrozen,  DRE, blocks, 20 kg packaging, New Zealand
Seafrozen,  WR,   blocks, 20 kg packaging, New Zealand

Size grading


Morocco HGT – 10-16 ppk or 10,5 cm+
Morocco WR –   6-10 ppk or   15 cm+
New Zealand, DRE– 300-600 / 600-900 / 900-1200 gr
New Zealand, WR – 500-1000 /1000-2000 gr
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