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Ice Cream Stabilizer Food Grade CMC

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
OriginHubei China
Production Capacity1000Ton per year
Update Time2018-07-07
company profile
Hubei A&S International Trade Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Ms.Luna Ai
Tel: 86-728-8215887
Number of Employees: 20 ~ 50
Business Type: Trade
product details
Model No:CM01
Origin:Hubei China

CMC is widely used stabilizer in standard, premium and economical ice cream and frozen dessert formulations. It is used to control water mobility and texture for the following benefits: Stabilize against heat shock; Control ice crystal size and melt profile; Provide desirable texture; Highly rated eating quality; Excellent overrun and stiffness parameters.



Food Grade CMC e466 for lactic acid milk: it can resolve the solid-liquid separation and precipitation of lactic acid drinks successfully while the protein content is ≥1% and keep the good taste of lactic acid milk. The lactic acid milk produced can maintain stable in the PH range of 3.8-4.2 and withstand pasteurization and short time sterilization process under 135 °C. It has stable and reliable quality, and can be stored at room temperature for more than six months with its original nutrients and flavor unchanged.


Food Grade CMC e466 for ice creams: it can prevent the crystallization of ice and water-retention, so that ice creams taste particularly smooth, non-sticky, greasy, heavy greasy or undesirable otherwise when served. Moreover, it has high puffing rate and good temperature and melting resistance.

Food Grade CMC e466 for instant noodles: it can make instant noodles good toughness, good taste, complete forming, low turbidity water and reduce the oil content (about 20% less than the original oil consumption).

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