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Inflatable air bag for red wine packing

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
OriginGuangdong China
Production Capacity10,000,000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Update Time2014-09-19
company profile
Shenzhen Well Armor High-Tech Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr.Mr. Marcos Yang
Tel: 86-0755-27449959
Number of Employees: 201 - 300 People
Business Type: Manufacturer
product details
Model No:AP-027
Origin:Guangdong China
Brand:Well Armor Pack

1.inflatable air column fill air bags,air bubble bag
2.Shock Resistance Waterproof
3.Saving storage space
4.Inflatable easy

packaging air bubble bags, inflatable air column fill air bags, air bubble bag, air dunnage bag, air cushion bag, packaging  air bubble plastic packing bag for protective,

Name: Innovated safety packing solution red Wine glass bottle fill air bag

Fill Air Ba, Wine Bottle Fill Air Bag, Wine Glass Bottle Fill Air Bag

Packaging inflatable air bubble cushion bags, fill air bags 

for Protective Packaging Solutions   

Airbag advantages:

1. Material: NY/PE co-extruison film, which is strong protection.


2. Pro-environment: Environmental friendly, Recyclable.

3. Easy operation: Inflate directly, no need sealing, save labor


4. Air column: Each air column is designed separately. Any air column damaged won't influece the safety packaging.

5. Storage: Flat before inflation, saving warehousing cost.

6. Certification: RoHS, REACH, SGS, ISO etc.

7. Size: Customised, well pack.

8. Transportation: Less volumn and weight, saving shipping cost.

9. Protection: Airbag stands 60-120kgs after inflated. For your product safety, worry-free.

10. Usage: for protecting fragile products (eg, wine bottle), valuables, electronic products (eg, computer, television, hard disc etc), light bulbs, toner cartridges, food, drugs, agriculture products, cosmetics, chemical products, clothes, contrustion, security products, mining products, courier etc.


1. Easy handling,no capital spending,no tool costs.

2. Perfect product converage with air chamber system.

3. Packaging material 98% air / 2% foil.

4. Excellent surface protection.

5. Product-related customization,company logo on request.

6. Shorten packaging time and reduction of packaging costs/procurements costs.

7. Economization of storage up to 95%.

8. Dust and UV-protection.


Why choose the airbag packaging?

1. Through the standardization of design and production,solve the various products. 

2. Bring up material managerment of waste.
3. The original outer carton packaging is increased by 15% than products.
4. Comprehensive personal air cushion packging provides the best shockproof,prevent fall 

5. By combining different process to provide a variety of functions ,thus effectively.
6. Reducing the use of different packaging.


Cushion packaging has been used widely now. The main field of application is transport packaging. It also can be used in

the fields of luggage, handbags, liquid product, electronics, circuit board, book, medicine,cosmetic, instrument, ceramic,

artware, household electrical appliances, furniture, hardware products, glasswork and precise instrument and so on.

Almost all products can be protected effectively by this air fillingcushion packaging.      

Comparison of different packing materials



Air Inflat Bag

Pulp Mold









Saving Space

  Medium space

Huge space

Huge space

Humidity / Resistance











Environmental / Protection

Small size

Consume large amount of pulp

Big size

Easy to recycle

High Recycle cost





Our factory



1.How long does a WELL ARMOR PACK hold the inflated air?

Once inflated, WELL ARMOR PACKs may hold their airpressure up to two years. Statistically the bag looses 8% within 180

days. Thus, WELL ARMOR PACKs are well qualified for being reused as an effective, costsaving packaging solution.


2.Are WELL ARMOR PACK materials anti-static?

   Basic WELL ARMOR PACK types are not anti-static. We can deliver anti-static WELL

ARMOR PACKs anytime.


3.Is it possible to test out the WELL ARMOR PACK technology at first?

   Of course! We have prepared the so called "starterkit", which includes everything to

start right away. The kit combines different types and sizes of WELL ARMOR PACK products.


4. What is the maximum weight my product must not exceed, to still be used with "WELL ARMOR PACK" air bag?

   WELL ARMOR PACKs are great in protecting items, which can withstand the weight 60

-120 kg.


5.May I order individualized bags, with a colored surface or my logo on top of the air bag?

No problem! All tones and colors from the Pantone are applicable on your product.


6.How do WELL ARMOR PACKs react when transported via plane?

A "WELL ARMOR PACK" air bag is inflated with an airpressure of 0,7 bar. Because of that variations of the airpressure in

an airborn plane do not cause any kind of problems to the "WELL ARMOR PACK" air bag.


7.How do WELL ARMOR PACKs react when temperatures change?

   WELL ARMOR PACKs withstand great changes of temperature without any problems. The minimum temperature

endurance starts at -22° F. (-30 ° C.) and goes up to the maximum temperature endurance of 140° F. (60° C.).


8.Do WELL ARMOR PACKs contain any substances, that are concerned with the "REACH Conformity"?

WELL ARMOR PACKs do not contain any softeners, nor other substances, that are included in the "REACH conformity".

WELL ARMOR PACKs can be considered as one of the most evironmentally friendly packaging solutions of our time.


9.Are WELL ARMOR PACKs in compliance with RoHS?



10.Are there any products for which WELL ARMOR PACKs suit the best?

   WELL ARMOR PACKs can be used for almost every product! They are most often taken as protective packaging

solutions for electronical devices, consumer articles, replacment parts, computer products, etc. This, being only a

small portion of for what WELL ARMOR PACKs may be used, still shows that there are multiple possibilities for

using WELL ARMOR PACK technology as an effective packaging solution.

Range of Application  Examples

Plastic,PE+Nylon,NY/PE co-extruison film, strong protection.
Industrial Use:
various products application
Shock Resistance
Surface Handling:
Offset Printing
Sealing & Handle:
no need sealing&self-lock-up
Custom Order:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Well Armor Pack
Model Number:
Environmental friendly, Recyclable
Easy operation:
Inflate directly, no need sealing, save labor cost.
Air column:
Each air column is designed separately
Flat before inflation, saving warehousing cost.
Less volumn and weight, saving shipping cost.
airbag stands 60-120kgs after inflated.
for protecting like wine bottle, hard disc, computer, television etc.
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