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japanese green tea green tea kg of maccha powder for drink

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Contact: Mr.Mr. Sota Saito
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High quality standard Japanese Green Tea

japanese green tea green tea kg of maccha powder for drink



Shizuoka Prefecture,

home of the World Cultural Heritage site Mount Fuji,

is the largest tea producing area in Japan,

where high-quality tea leaves are cultivated.

Our tea masters work painstakingly to include only

the most carefully selected tea leaves from within the prefecture.


ζ Company policy 

The Miura tea garden incorporates the traditional tea-grass integrated system,

which is recognized as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System,

and has received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award

for two generations.

We work hard to ensure the quality of the soil year round by deep tilling the earth

in order to increase the amount of fresh air in the soil as well as covering

the ground with straw to prevent roots from being damaged by soil freezing.

Tea leaves are harvested with a riding harvester and immediately sent to the steamer

to be processed in order to increase productivity and improve quality.

Our company produces crude tea in our in-house crude tea plant by steaming the tea leaves

until they meet our company's quality standards regarding steaming level.

(This is referred to as crude tea.)

The oxidase activity in the tea leaves is stopped during this process,

determining the flavor of the tea.

The crude tea is then immediately sorted and roasted.

Paying close attention to color and aroma, our tea masters finish the tea with the

right temperature and time to bring the most out of the leaves. (This is called finished tea.)

Metal detectors, weight checkers, and the naked eye are used to check the finished tea

for any foreign material in the final stage before packaging.

The tea is packed with nitrogen into moisture-proof and light blocking bags

using an automatic packaging machine to maintain freshness.

We only ship finished tea that meets our high quality standards, based on component

analysis of other brands and our understanding of trends in crude tea quality.

Employees must use the hygiene control room for hand washing, disinfection,

whole body rolling, and air showering to enter the packing plant

where the final processing of our product is completed.

A solar power system was incorporated into our plant in March 2013.

198 panels were installed on the roof to provide self-generated electricity to the plant.



ζ Certification        
We were reviewed by Moody International Certification in 2011,

receiving the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.


ζ Tea masters     
Tea is an agricultural product in which the growth of fresh leaves differs from farm to farm.

Our tea masters make full use of the five senses to diligently produce tea

that brings out the unique characteristics of the leaves.

We offer tea specifically selected by tea masters for its superior aroma and flavor.


ζ Awarded           
Awarded the Monde Selection Silver Award

for three consecutive years since 2011.

Exhibition of general teas only.

Awarded silver medal two years in a row at the International

Renowned Tea Fair held by the World Tea Association.

Our company's number one product -- "Tea Workshop Green Tea 320g" -- is available

in supermarkets throughout Japan, surpassing one million units per year in sales.

The full body tea made from deep-steamed tea leaves comes in a simple stand-up package

with a ziplock seal to preserve freshness.

Articles spotlighting our products have been published

in newspapers in Japan due to our nationwide sales.

We are currently racing down the road to becoming a national brand.


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