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Japanese Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine

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≥1 piece
OriginLiaoning China
Production Capacity900 Ton/Tons per Year
Update Time2014-09-18
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Dalian Huaxin International Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms.Ms. Ealine Gao
Tel: 86-411-84507182
Number of Employees: 11 - 50 People
Business Type: Trading Company
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Model No:HX20130617
Origin:Liaoning China

1.Japanese Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine
2.Is a sweet, low-alcohol wine made from Glutinous Rice
3.No Food Additive

To make sushi rice 4 servings. Mix 4 tbsp (60ml) of rice vinegar, 4 tbsp (60g) of sugar, 2tsp (10g) of salt and add it to 6 cups (1500g) of cooked rice (3 cups [750g] uncooked rice). Mix well while the rice is hot.


Mirin also known as Japanese rice vinegar is made from fermented rice. It has a very mild and mellow taste and is used regularly in Japanese cooking. You can also use kome su as a dressing for salads without adding oil.

Rice vinegar can be used to make sushi rice, simply add caster sugar, salt and a teaspoon of dashi powder. 710ml glass bottle.



Mirin is sweet rice wine, used primarily to flavor Japanese dishes. A recent discussion on Chowhound noted that aji-mirin is the more commonly available sweetened product, easy to find in Asian groceries and some supermarkets. And while paulj thinks Kikkoman aji-mirin resembles flavored corn syrup, it's fine for many recipes. Chowhound user jjjrfoodie uses aji-mirin for everyday cooking, but wouldn't expect to find it in $50-a-plate sushi creations.

On the other hand, travelerjjm says, hon-mirin is the "real stuff," fermented rice wine that is naturally sweet without the addition of sugar or corn syrup. It's generally more expensive, and depending on your state's laws it could be harder to get than aji-mirin (hon-mirin has no added sugar or salt, and often has a higher alcohol content, so it must be sold as regular wine, MikeG says). BigSal likes Mitoku brand mirin. "Once I discovered it, I cannot use anything else," he says. "I buy it online, but it is worth it." A final tip, from Caroline1: Even if a product is labeled hon-mirin, always check the salt content on the nutrition label to be sure of exactly what you're getting!.



  • Mirin, or sweet cooking rice wine, brings out the flavor in Japanese (and many Asian) dishes
  • Add a little to dishes such as teriyaki, sukiyaki, and tempura for a delicious, traditional flavor!
  • Alcohol contents 8% by volume
  • Also available in 17 Oz. bottle
  • Net Wt. 10 Fl. Oz (300 mL) - plastic bottle


Corn syrup, water, alcohol, rice, salt. Alcohol contents 8% by volume. Salted and Seasoned.


Aji Mirin brings out the flavor in Teriyaki, Sukiyaki, Tempura and other Japanese delicacies. This sweet tasting rice wine adds a slightly sweet, rich flavor to meats when used as a marinade or glaze.



Product Type:
Rice Wine,Sauce
Alcohol Content (%):
Japanese sake,Japanese Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine
Special grade
Ageing Container:
Crock pot
Place of Origin:
Liaoning China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Shelf Life:
18 Months
Weight (kg):
Light yellow
Rice vinegar,water
Japanese Traditional:
Japanese Technics
Good for healthy
High quality
Prevent disease
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