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manuka honey active,raw manuka honey

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
OriginGansu China
Production Capacity50 Ton/Tons per Year
CategoryHoney Products
Update Time2014-09-23
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Baiyin Mingrui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr.Mr. Dived Wang
Tel: 457-0943-6315222
Number of Employees: 11 - 50 People
Business Type: Trading Company
product details
Origin:Gansu China

Skin care cosmetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,
promoting tissue regeneration,
promote digestion, improve immuni

Detailed introduction

1,  the enrichment

1) raw material acceptance directly influences the quality of Raw Honey    after processing quality, must be color, odor, moisture content of raw honey, honey, amylase value (freshness index) and the length of the acquisition time, including pesticide residues by strict testing, etc. Amylase value in 8 above can only be used; If less than 8, will not be able to concentrate processing. Absolutely can't buy down close to 0.

2) matching according to the requirement of the order purchase high quality honey honey blended with small sample, according to the samples and order index, and then to large quantities of honey processing and production.

3) melted by heating in order to prevent the fermentation and destroy the crystal nucleus, slow crystallization of honey. Heating temperature is 60 ~ 65 degree, 30 minutes, stir heated make honey is heated evenly and speeds up the melting.

4) filter to keep honey temperature after heating  at  40  degree   , make honey for optimal flow state, so that I can smoothly through the multichannel filtering, removing impurities and a small number of large grain crystal. In the sealing device for pressure filtration, to shorten the heating time, reducing the loss of flavor.

5) vacuum concentration to choose suitable vacuum concentrating equipment, 720 millimeter hg in the vacuum degree, temperature of 40 ~ 50 degree under the condition of make honey concentration, impact on the color, aroma and taste of honey can be reduced to a minimum. When the enrichment , should pay special attention to honey aromatic volatile substances after heat recovery. Set the aroma recovery unit, will be recycled and volatile substances into the finished honey, honey keep peculiar smell.

6) after cooling will concentrate honey as soon as possible to reduce the temperature, in order to avoid a long time to keep stored at high temperatures and lower the quality of honey, at the same time prepare for partial shipments. In order to speed up the cooling, best can stir forced circulation and cooling, to make our products keep good appearance and inner quality.

7) inspection and packaging should be in the process of enrichment honey random sampling inspection, to maintain the water stability after the processing of honey contains the same within 17.5% ~ 18%. Packing specification can be divided into large and small package. Big containerized packing is iron drum, drum should be coated with special coating to meet the requirements of food hygiene, in order to avoid the honey contains the pollution caused by acid corrosion of iron. Small packaging mainly bottles, honey can be directly to the finished product into clean and strictly sterilized glass bottles.

8) storage warehouses should be separated by alone, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment, dry and ventilated, prevent with is faulty goods store.

2, crystallization honey

First the liquid water content of honey concentration below 18%, and then heated to 49 ~ 50 degree, then strike filter out impurities and beeswax. Conditional let liquid honey by rapid heating plate heat exchanger to 55 ~ 56 degree, then quickly through 60 mesh filter, to fully get rid of all visible particles. Filter the liquid honey immediately after into double roller type cooler. When the temperature of the liquid honey is reduced to 24 degree or so, according to 10% of its weight is introduced into crystal, and stir well as soon as possible, the crystal can be derived from the crystallization of a production batch is sweet, but the introduction of former must obtain the colloid mill, the thinner the better. Mixing process fluid temperature decline gradually . When 14 ~ 20 degree below the stability in the interval, so that the crystallization completely

Honey, the nutritional value of:

1, honey contains more than 70% of the invert sugar, can be absorbed by human intestinal wall cells directly to use, it is not necessary to the human body to digest, it for the children, the elderly, and after illness recovery is particularly important; Often take honey, can help digestion.

2, more than ten kinds of amino acids the human body needs in the honey, many kinds of active enzyme, trace elements and some rich constants. Honey no fat again, this for the elderly, patients with high blood pressure and heart disease, is the best natural food.

3, honey is rich in calcium and phosphorus in the formation of children's bone and calcium deficiency syndrome in the elderly is the best dietary supplements. Honey in the human body the heat generated by the equivalent of 15 times of milk; VB content and eggs are equal, equivalent to glucose, apple's 16 times. Take honey can quickly restore fatigue, enhance endurance, delay aging, and prolong life.

4, honey, rich is rich in minerals, such as potassium wholesome, sedative effect of magnesium, strong gluten JianGu calcium supplement blood iron, copper, brain of phosphorus and all sorts of vitamins is good for body.

5,Honey has strong antibacterial Sterilization effect. Often eat honey, not only to the teeth with no obstruction, also can have the effect of oral sterilization. Honey as a wound Dressing skin, bacteria can't grow. Honey also can treat mild skin damage, can effectively clean the wound infected with the bacteria, prevent the wound from festering; Also can treat skin ulcers, simply apply honey in the surface of wound, to bind up line. Honey for sharing and burns the effect is very good also, coated with honey apply immediately after the injury, honey can absorb wound moisture, prevent edema, if mixed with a little flour daub, more can leave a scar

Product Type:
Place of Origin:
Gansu China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Shelf Life:
Brix (%):
80 %
Weight (kg):
0.3 kg
Max. Moisture (%):
10 %
Reducing Sugar (%):
76 %
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