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Organic plum and apple juice

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CategoryJuices & Puree
Update Time2014-09-17
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Contact: Ms.Lukasz Zabiega
Tel: 48-17-1822508
Number of Employees: 5 - 10 People
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
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Brand:VEGELAND fruit juice

organic plum and Apple Juice
packed into glass bottles, carton box or 200 l barrels
fresh and healthy
sugar free


Product Description


100 % organic and natural juices – taste of nature.
In our offer you will find two kinds of juices –  organic and natural.  


By many certificates we can ensure our customers that our juices  are not :

Juices  are  :

- artificial,
- containing: dyes, preservatives, artificial     
  flavors, fertilizers, water, improvements,
- preserved, 
- diluted,
- repeatedly processed,
- artificially sweetened 
- artificially colored,


- 100% natural,
- organic,
- produced by the nature,
- squeezed,
- healthy and delicious,
- without any fertilizers and chemical additives,
- directly pressed from fruits,
- pasteurized in low temperatures,
- equipped with a multitude of vitamins,
- unsweetened,
- high, certified quality,


The fruits ripen in the sun in organic orchards, when enough mature to be used to produce our healthy and delicious juices.

Organic juice we make only of fruits and vegetables with no use of chemical fertilizers. 
Just pure nature.

Many of our juices are mixed of two fruits, mainly we use apple as component. 
For instance aronia juice contains 70% of aronia juice and 30% of apple juice.

Here is whole list of our mixed flavours:

 -apple - mint (95% apple,5 % mint)
- apple- melissa (95% apple,5 % melissa)
- peach-apple (70% peach, 30% apple )
-black currant – apple (70% black currant,30% apple)
-red currant- apple (70% red currant, 30% apple)
-strawberry-apple (70% strawberry,30 % apple)
-lilac fruit-apple (70% lilac fruit, 30% apple)
-cranberry-apple (70% cranberry,30% apple)
-cherry-apple (70% cherry, 30% apple)
-aronia- apple (70% aronia,30% apple)
-red beet- apple (70% red beet, 30% apple )
-carrot- apple (70% carrot,30% apple)
-rabarbar- apple (70% rabarbar,30 % apple)

We also have single flavor organic juices in our offer:

- apple juice
- pear juice
- plum juice


Our juices have expiry term which last 6 months and after opening juices are appropriable max 30 days.




Packaging & Shipping



Organic juices are available in 300 ml and 700 ml glass bottles and 5 L cartons and 200 L Barrels.

Concerning natural juices they are available in 300 ml and 700 ml glass bottles and 3 L,
5 L cartons and 200 L barrels.

Minimum order we make is 20 EUR pallet concerning land transport and container 20' fit for overseas transport. 




Our Services



On customers request our company provides juices samples. For the first transaction samples costs
are covered by customer. We reimburse the cost of samples after positive transaction.

Price List shows prices EXW Poland.

Product Type:
Juice,Fruit Juice
Brand Name:
VEGELAND fruit juice
Place of Origin:
Primary Ingredient:
Processing Type:
Brix (%):
Shelf Life:
6 months
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