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Potato Washing Peeling Cutter Slicer and Chips making Machine

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity100 sets per month
CategoryProduction Line
Update Time2019-10-18
company profile
Zhengzhou Jinjia Machinery Co.,Limited
Contact: Ms.Wang Annie
Tel: 0086-371-55960109
Number of Employees: 50 ~ 100
Business Type: Manufacture & Trade
product details
Model No:WSTP series


Product Description

Potato washing peeling cutter slicer and Chips making Machine (WS)
Fried potato chips is one kind of snack processed from Fresh Potato after washing, peeling, slicing, frying and flavoring. It keeps the special delicious flavor of roasted potato on one respect and has the characteristics of rich nutrition, delicious, convenient and so on, thus won the flavor of the consumers.

2. Operation procedure:

Washing and peeling--cutting--blanching--dewatering--frying--de oiling--flavoring--packing

3. Brief introduction for the potato chips production line:

(1). Fresh potato cleaning and Peeling Machine
(2). Potato slicer/chips making machine
(3). Blanching machine
(4). Dewatering machine
(5). Frying machine
(6). De-oiling machine
(7). Flavoring/seasoning machine
(8). Potato chips packaging machine

4, All materials of our machines are 1.5mm thickness 304 Stainless steel.

5, Now we have capacities as below:
30-40kg/h, 70-80kg/h and 150kg/h. 500kg\h, and also can make the special capacity according to your needs.

Potato Washing Peeling Cutter Slicer and Chips Machine (WS) Potato Washing Peeling Cutter Slicer and Chips Machine (WS)
Semi-automatic Potato chips production line
NO. Name Power/Voltage Weight(kg) Size(mm)
1 (WSTP30)Washing and peeling machine 1.1kw/380v 80kg 740*650*860mm
2 (QS400-B) Potato chips machine 0.75kw/220v 70kg 670*570*880mm
3 (WSPT-1000)Blanching machine 12kw/380v 50kg 1200*600*1000mm
4 (WSTS500)Water dehyrater 0.75kw/380v 160kg 800*500*730mm
5 (WSYZ500)Fryer 9kw/380v 60kg 580*592*900mm
6 (WSBL-800)
flavoring machine
0.75kw/220v 90kg 1000*800*1350mm
7  WSSU-180B (incluing Acuum nitrogen filler)potato chips packing machine 1.9kw/220v 400kg 900*700*1700
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