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SMA infant baby milk powder

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Update Time2021-05-24
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Tel: 237-679-018755
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SMA First Infant Milk aa from birth (stage 1) 
Breast Milk Substitute 
20 X 900g tins (1 CASE) 

SMA First Infant Milk – from birth (stage 1)

20 X 900g tins


Breast Milk Substitute

When baby is not breastfed or to combination feed with breast milk

  • Fat blend designed to more closely resemble that found in breast milk
  • Omega 3 & 6 LCPs
  • Suitable for Halal

Breast milk is best for your baby, but if you can’t or choose not to breast feed, we recommend you use SMA First Infant Milk. 

SMA First Infant Milk is scientifically formulated to meet your baby’s nutritional needs.  The formulation is unique to SMA and is our recommended choice when baby is not breastfed or if used in combination with breastfeeding. 

We have recently made some improvements to our nutritionally complete, whey dominant infant milk which now includes a new fat blendwhich is structured in a similar way to the fat found in breast milk.  This is in addition to our protein profile, (with alpha-protein, a high quality protein abundant in breast milk) and Omega 3 & 6 LCPs.  

Babies grow very fast in the first 6 months of life, usually doubling their birth weight, so getting the right amount of protein and other key nutrients is essential.  

At SMA we are continually striving to improve our infant formula, acknowledging the importance of early nutrition and its impact on future health through scientific research & development. 

Our Infant Milk formula
  • Is Nutritionally complete
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 LCPs
  • Is Easy to Digest

Making it SMA's best breast milk substitute if you should chose to combination feed with breast milk or bottle-feed.


More about SMA First Infant Milk...

We recommend SMA First Infant Milk when baby is not being breastfed or to combination feed because,

  • SMA First Infant Milk has a new fat profile that more closely resembles that found in breast milk, and may help produce a softer stool consistency, closer to that of a breastfed baby.  
  • SMA First Infant Milk has a close protein profile to breast milk.
  • SMA First Infant Milk is a whey dominant milk enriched with Alpha-protein, a high quality protein abundant in breast milk.
  • SMA First Infant Milk also has lower levels of beta-protein compared with other first infant milks. Beta-protein is not normally found in breast milk.
  • SMA First Infant Milk contains Omega 3 and 6 as recommended by paediatric experts 
  • SMA First Infant Milk is clinically demonstrated to have a prebiotic effect
  • SMA First Infant Milk is kind to babies immature kidneys
  • SMA First Infant Milk contains nucleotides (a component found in DNA, beneficial for times of rapid growth) to support immune system development
  • SMA First Infant Milk is suitable for Halal diets
What are Omega 3 & 6 LCPs?

Omega 3 and 6 are oils called LCPs. This means long-chain polyunsaturates. 

LCPs are important components of cell membranes and play a key role in 
the development of the brain, eye, and nervous system.  Although LCPs can be made in the body, infants have a high demand for these nutrients and benefit from having LCPs in their diet in terms of  helping support brain and eye development. 


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