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Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity60 Sets per Month
CategoryProduction Line
Update Time2017-02-08
company profile
Whirlston French Fries Machine
Contact: Ms.Carol Sun
Tel: 86-371-65903478
Number of Employees: < 20
Business Type: Manufacture & Trade
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Introduction of Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line

This small scale banana chips production line is used to process banana into banana chips which contain essential vitamins and minerals. This chips production line is easy to install, just need to put the machines in the specially sequence and connect the electricity then can operate it. Banana chips are favored by many people all over the world. We offer three different models for you to choose: 30 kg/h, 60 kg/h, 100-150 kg/h.
Features of Banana Chips Production Line
1. Made of stainless steel, which enable the machine to have high quality and long service life.
2. Stable running and good performance. 
3. Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.
4. Advanced technology guarantees the machine to have low energy cost and labor cost.
5. Suitable for the small scale banana chips production: 30 kg/h, 60 kg/h and 100-150 kg/h.
6. The land required to install this production line is about 50 square meters.
7. Easy to operate and clean. Needs 3-4 people, it maybe different according to your actual situation and your own arrangement.
Working Flowchart of Banana Chips Production Line
1.Banana Cutting Machine 2. Banana Chips Blanching Machine3. Banana Chips De-watering Machine 4. Banana Chips Frying Machine 5. Banana Chips De-oiling Machine 6. Banana Chips Flavoring Machine  7. Banana Chips Packing Machine
Working Procedure of Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line
1. Peeling the banana, this step need to finish by labor, because now we do not have machine to peel the banana.
2. Banana Cutting Machine. Use this machine to cut the banana into round chips.
3. Banana Chips Blanching Machine. Blanch banana chips with boiled water, thus making banana chips easier for frying.
4. Banana Chips De-watering Machine. After blanching, it need to remove the water on the banana chips, because the blanched banana chips contain too much water, fry it directly will be very dangerous.
5. Banana Frying Machine. Use frying machine to fry the banana chips and cook them.
6. Banana De-oiling Machine. After frying, there is extra oil on the banana chips, which makes the chips oily, removing extra oil will make banana chips crispy and more delicious.
7. Banana Flavoring Machine. Use flavoring machine to season the banana chips by adding flavorings to the chips.
8. Banana Chips Packing Machine. Use packaging machine to pack banana chips into plastic bags. This packing machine is an automatic one, it can shape up the bags, weight the chips, fill the chips into bags, and seal the bags. 
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