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Sodium Erythorbate
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 1. Sodium iso-VC (molecular formula: C6H7O6Na.H2O)

1. Alias: D-sodium erythorbate, sodium erythritol, sodium erythroate, arabinose-type ascorbic acid.
2. Properties: white crystal, odorless, salty, easily soluble in water; aqueous solution is easily oxidized by air; trace metal ions, heat and light can accelerate its oxidation; relatively stable in dry state.
3. Preparation method and quality standard: It is made from glucose through biological fermentation, the standard number is GB 8273-2008, and the standard name is food additive D-sodium erythorbate.
4. Advantages and uses: The biggest advantage of iso-VC sodium is that it has no sour taste, is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It is a new type of biological food preservative with a wide range of uses, green and safe, and has been approved by the World Health Organization, FAO, American Food and The National Drug Administration, Canada, and the European Union have identified as legal and safe food additives.

In the food industry, iso-VC sodium is suitable for making various foods (meat products, canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, fruits, vegetables, beer, wine, fruit tea, juice, jam, frozen aquatic products, pastries, bread and food products) Antiseptic and fresh-keeping agent, can prevent the production of nitrate amine carcinogens, inhibit the growth of bacteria, prolong the storage period of food, maintain the appearance, color and flavor of food, eliminate food and beverage discoloration, odor and turbidity, especially to ensure juice , Jam VC components are not destroyed. In the preservation of fruits and vegetables, iso-VC sodium can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, reduce the activity of oxidases in fruits and vegetables, and prevent them from decay and deterioration.

In addition, iso-VC sodium can also be used for deoxygenation, corrosion resistance and descaling. Adding a small amount to the boiler water can capture oxygen in the water to prevent and reduce boiler fouling; it can be used in the developer to replace harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone; Used as auxiliary materials for medicines or sanitary products, stabilizers for chemical raw materials, and electrolyte for electroplating; used for the production of metal micropowders, recovery of heavy metals and the preparation of high molecular polymers; used in textile building materials, petrochemicals, daily chemicals , Feed processing, wool spinning and other industries also have applications.
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