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sodium hyaluronate/food grade/cosmetic grade/hyaluronic acid

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≥1 piece
Production Capacity1500000
Update Time2016-12-13
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Shandong Fuyang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Ms.Nina Wong
Tel: 86-156-10059389
Number of Employees: 1000 ~ 5000
Business Type: Manufacture
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 Hyaluronic Acid Elastomer Instruction Manual

Hyaluronic acid Elastomer is a kind of ultra high molecular weight polymer which is obtained by the special cross - linking process of the natural HA.
【Appearance】This product is a colorless and transparent gel, with soft particles.
【Main Function】
1.Long-term moisturizing effect: HA Elastomer can form a high affinity of biological membrane in the skin surface, moist the skin and effectively reduce the skin moisture evaporation, lasting moisture.
2.Increase skin elasticity
3.Reduce skin roughness
4.Skin feeling smooth and refreshing
This product can be added directly to the water phase, almost can be added to any of the water containing cosmetics. In the aqueous phase, there is non - soluble and transparent particles, which can make the particles smaller. For liquid water products, when applied with visible particles, the "water" effect, can be repeatedly applied absorption. For emulsion products, while coated grain free, similar to matte character. This product has a good film forming property, recommend to use with the oligo HA to produce better effect.
【Application range】Cosmetics, health products, etc.
【Reference dosage】The amount of this product is 50% to 90%
1. While dissolution, pure water or distilled water should be used so as not to affect the clarity of the product
2. The product contains preservatives, containing 0.5%GM-plus. (Preservatives can be chosen by the customer).
3. The products have high water content, when apply to high osmotic pressure cosmetics there will be a loss of water.
【Safety】No irritation to the eyes, skin irritation, no allergic reaction
【Package】20kg/drum, 500g/bottle.
【Storage】Seal in room temperature.
【Shelf Life】24 months
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