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Soya fiber protein, TVP, Texture protein, Soya protein, vegetarian protein, BC-660C,China Baichuan price supplier

Soya fiber protein, TVP, Texture protein, Soya protein, vegetarian protein, BC-660C
min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity50000 Metric Ton per Year
Update Time2021-09-22
company profile
Baichuan Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Ms.Elina Zhang
Tel: 86-0577-62150666
Number of Employees: 100 ~ 500
Business Type: Manufacture
product details
Model No:BC-660C
Standard:SB/T 10453-2007, GB4789.4, GB4789.10

l  Product Name: Soya Fiber Protein

l  Model No.: BC-660C

l  Product description: Textured soya fiber protein, pale-yellow Flakes

l  Ingredient Declaration: NON-GMO soybean meal, Isolated soy protein, Protein Concentract, Wheat gluten.






Moisture (%)

10% max

GB 5009.3

Protein (dry basis) (%)

52% min

GB 5009.5

Ash (%)

8% max

GB/T 5009.4


l  Water Absorption: Minimum Hydration Ratio of Soya Fiber Protein vs Water 1:2 

l  Shelf Life: 12 months from production date under recommended storage conditions;

l  Storage Conditions: Should be stored on the pallet, away from the wall and ground, under Clean, Dry and Cool Conditions without other odorants, at the temperature below 25 ℃77℉and below relative humidity of 65%.

l  Application:

        1). Used in Sausage, Western-style Ham, Hot dog, Smoked Sausage etc.

          In the Western-style ham and sausage added to reduce the              process of meat products, loss of moisture and fat spill, the              product is not greasy, so that the product flexibility and                      sensuality increased, and increased product protein content,            product quality improvement.
          In the sausage, ham and other meat products can replace                5% -25% lean meat.


           2).Used in chicken nuggets, chicken chop, brochette, etc.

          The additive amount 10-15% of soy fiber protein into chicken                    nuggets, so as to prevent the moisture loss and the fat from                          overflowing, and make the chicken nuggets is not greasy, also it                  increases the elasticity and meaty mouthfeel of the product,                        increased the protein content of the product and the quality of the                product.

          3).Used in Pastry, Stuffing (Dumpling, Steamed Stuffed Bun, Pizza), etc.

           Soy fiber protein can be integrated with the muscle fibers of the               meat to help coagulate with fillings, increase water holding capacity, enhance the tasting and nutrition, reduce costs. It can take place of 10% -35% of lean meat, also can reduce production costs by 15%.






l  Henan Factory:


l Yueqing  Factory(Under Construction):


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