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Soyabean Protein Powder (amino acid powder for feed grade)

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece 1
Production Capacity300 Metric Ton Per Month
Update Time2021-03-06
company profile
Chengdu Chelation Biology Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr.Mr. Sunbo
Tel: 86-158-28547969
Number of Employees:
Business Type: Manufacture, Trade
product details
This product is made from plant protein extract, the hydrolysis process unique by strict disinfection and sterilization, and non-toxic side effects. Our full range of production of amino acids, feed-grade product quality meet the national hygiene standards, quality and stability. Apply to feed additives, feed a balanced nutrition, improve feed conversion rate. The product in the feed can be a partial substitute for fish meal, soybean meal and other protein materials, the performance of its main features are: Complete amino acids, break down easily in vivo absorption, nutrition is better than cake class. In feed, feed-grade amino acid complex partial substitute for soybean meal, peanut cake, fish meal, 4-10% increase can be achieved the effect of high protein content, protein molecules are small, more than 95% digestibility.
1. Quality Specification:
Appearance Light yellow powder
Moisture ≤ 5%
Total amino acid ≥ 40%
Crude protein ≥ 90%
2. Main Function:
2.1 Amino acid with complete nutrients is easily broken down and absorbed in animals' body. The nutrition is superior to meal type. In feed using, amino acid can be partially instead of soybean meal, peanut cake, and fish meal, which will increase 4-10% yields. Because it has high protein content and small protein molecule. Digestibility can be up to more than 95%.
2.2 Our amino acid is rich in many kinds of amino acids such as cystine, tyrosine, serine, etc which are conducive to the growth of animal fur. After using it, animal skin can be red, fur can be light.
2.3 Adding the product to animal's feed, can improve feed efficiency, promote the growth rate, shorten the breeding cycle, improve animal's digestive function, reduce disease and strengthen resistance. By Balancing ratio of amino acids in feed, improving the nutritional value and reducing the breeding cycle, a good economic benefits can be achieved.
2.4 In aquatic feed, amino acid can promote plankton growth, enhance crude protein content of fish and shrimp, increase animal nutrition, reduce the cost of concentrates feed and final feed
3. Scope:
All the poultry, livestock, fisheries and so on. And so on
4. Proposed usage:
As a feed additive, add this product 8-10% into the complete feed.
5. Package and Storage:
5.1 20KG/BAG, 10KG/BAG. (Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside)
5.2 Please seal it tightly in cool and dry enviroment
amino acid feed additive


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