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Stabilizer pharmaceuticals grade sodium alginate

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Stabilizer pharmaceuticals grade sodium alginate 


In printing and textile industry sodium alginate has been a long history since sodium alginate was used in starching , packing and printing. In printing, it is the good material with wide use in the cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibre. Especially since the reactive dye was found in the world, there has been many years’ history of application. There is no other gelatinigation which can compare beauty with it by so far.


Sodium alginate can’t react with the reactive dye or form covalent bond as result of having second hydroxyl in its structure without the origin hydroxyl, and meanwhile having strong cathodic carboxyl in its organization. This is its great property. Therefore, it not only does not absorb the dyestuff but also excludes it. It is easy to move the dyestuff from the gelatinigation to the firbre which benefits keeping clearness and uniformity of the printing. Therefore the printing is clear, vivid, high in the dyeing quantity and has good handle and firm degree at the same time.


The products of medium and low viscosity are suitable for the printing requirements of net, roll style and handwork printing. It has the flowing property of the pseudoplastic fluid, which means that it will turn watery when being cut and restore the original viscidity after losing being cut. This fits for fine printing, full ground printing and wet printing. It can make products with the features of thin line, clear profile and good uniformity.




1 Stabilizer 

Replacing starch and carrageenan, sodium alginate can be used in beverage, dairy products, iced products. 

2 Thickener and emulsion 

As food additive, sodium alginate mainly used in sala flavoring, pudding jam, tomato ketchup and the canned products.

3 Hydration 

Sodium alginate can make noodle, vermicelli and rice noodle more cohesiveness.

4 Gelling property 

With this character, sodium alginate can be make into kinds of gel product. It also can be used as a cover for fruit, meat and seaweed products away from air and keep them stored longer.




        Item        Standard
Appearance white to yellowish brown filamentous, grainy, powder
Assay(C6H7Ca1/2O6)n 89.6%- 104.5%
Calcium 8.0- 11.5%
Mesh 90% pass 60 mesh
Loss on drying(105°C, 4h) ≤15%
PH (1% Solution) 6.0 - 9.5
Sulphate ASH 28- 36%
Lead (PB) ≤5 PPM
Arsenic (AS) ≤3 PPM
Total Heavy Metal ≤20 PPM
Total plate Count < 5000CFU/G
Yeast and Mould < 500CFU/G
Salmonella Absent
E. COLI Absent in 25
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