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Tasty health drink powder for woman made in japan japanese production

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity100 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Update Time2021-01-29
company profile
Contact: Mr.Mr. Tasuku Inoue
Tel: 81-75-6611691
Number of Employees: 11 - 50 People
Business Type: Manufacturer, Buying Office, Distributor/Wholesaler
product details
Model No:sencha-instant

OEM available: However, availability depends on lot size.
Volume: One pack (15pack)
Ingredients: Green tea

---   Instant Green tea can enjoy a tea easily



This is the flagship product of green teas, and makes up 80% of production volume.

Cultivated outdoors, this tea has a fresh taste that combines flavor and astringency.

Flavor characteristics differ depending on the growing district.



--    Irokuen is possible to manufacture up to

commercial size from a household size




--   Irokuen handles a large variety of Japanese teas, especially Uji teas.

The tea types we handle center around sencha teas, and include gyokuro,

hojicha, genmaicha, and matcha. We handle economy- size packages

and loose tea as well, and we welcome your inquiries.





--   Our company motto is "one-in-a-lifetime chance"

(registered trademark number 1256828).

Based on this motto, we strive to

"uphold our heritage and look toward the future." 

We are an established company in  Kyoto , Japan,

and have celebrated our  200th anniversary .




--   Our traditional blending technology is our tightly guarded secret,

giving a balanced and uniformly shaped tea.

We also purchase only the highest quality tea leaves from our trusted wholesalers.

This adds up to our customers calling us "the tea company with  the flavorful

and delicious tea."




--  Irokuen strives for high safety and quality standards in our teas,

and we try to bring more visibility to individual tea producers.

Tea growers selling to Irokuen are required to submit certificates such as the

one shown above, which vouch for the safety of their manufacturing processes.
*The certificate includes the following information:  Producer, address,

factory name, tea type, date of picking, insect control records,

fertilization records, etc.




We handle Organic Tea from all over Japan.

Please enjoy our safe and delicious products.



Our product development process has always maintained the concept

of "tradition and revolution," implementing new tastes while at the

same time making products which are deeply rooted in everyday life.

We specialize both in package designs in the traditional Kyoto-style

with Japanese motifs, and in package designs with cutting-edge motifs.

These designs won the Governor of Kyoto's "Made in Kyoto Best Design

Prize" in 1989 (Gold prize winner) and 2010 (Prize winner).




--  Our  "Zen"  series, which won the gold prize for design.

Featuring a modern package representing the style of Kyoto, Japan,

this item is ideal for travel gifts and presents. We have various assortments

from which to choose, so please feel free to inquire.



"Oobukucha"  tea is a traditional custom in Kyoto, enjoyed during the new year.

It is thought to bring good luck, health, and longevity for the whole year.

Irokuen is the sole official provider of tea offerings at the Rokuharamitsu-ji

Temple, which is the origin of the "Daifukucha" custom.

This tea is ideal for gifting, and will convey the tradition and soul of Japan.




--  We are an established company in good standing, with a long tradition

spanning 200 years. We deal with many large and famous firms.

We can also provide our customers with OEM products to meet their

individual requirements.


Major clients

Takashimaya Co., Ltd.

West Japan Railway Isetan

Ryubo Industry., Ltd.

Kyoto Station Center Co., Ltd.

Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc.

Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Foods Co., Ltd.

Askul Corporation


Biznet Corporation

Izumiya Co., Ltd.

Itochu-shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Isshinshouji Corporation

Izutsu, Inc.

Sato Enicil Co., Ltd.

Enicil Co., Ltd.

Tokai Kiosk Company

Otabe Co.,Ltd





--  We cooperate with the factories of Yanoen (Uji-tawara, Kyoto),

which is a traditional tea wholesaler with a history of 180 years.

This factory is operated under the highest of safety standards,

and forms the basis of our delicious tea-making.


The roasting process ("hiire") determines the quality of a tea.

The basis of our product manufacture is a careful two-step roasting process

("sakibi"/pre-roast and "atobi"/after-roast), and the finishing touches

are added by experienced tea masters.




Our factories are hygienic and orderly.

Each bag is carefully blended and packed by hand.

The storage temperature is managed with the utmost care.

We can also offer manufacturing of large lots with fully automatic bagging machines.




This is our factory specializing in Matcha.

Our matcha is carefully ground with a stone mortar,

and is a unique product with a strong flavor.

After this process, the tea is inspected and packaged.

We also offer manufacture of large lots for use as food ingredients.





Each of our products can be packaged into various tea bags,

according to customer needs.

We offer a wide variety of tea bags, from ordinary paper bags to

fine mesh tea bags that protect the delicious tea flavor.

Product Type:
Green Tea
11 - 20 Years
instant tea Powder"> Instant Tea Powder
Processing Type:
Health Tea
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
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