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The finest and Healthy flavour for sweet Umeshu,plum wine made in Japan

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Update Time2014-09-20
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Contact: Mr.Mr. Tsunehisa Hosono
Tel: 81-29-8433377
Number of Employees: 51 - 100 People
Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler
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Model No:571820-02
Brand:Meiri Shurui Co., Ltd.

Popular Japanese umeshu, Meiri Shurui Hyakunen Umeshu Plum Wine, 720 ml

The finest and Healthy flavour for sweet Umeshu,plum wine made in Japan


We sell 100 brands of umeshu from 20 companies.

We do business with 35 sake brewers and sell 3,000

different brands of sake, including many from makers

that can produce private brand and labeled products.

As a major wholesaler of alcoholic beverages

in Ibaraki Prefecture, we do business

with customers from 2,500 companies.


|||| Product Description ||||                                                                     


A masterful umeshu from the ume capital Mito,

Hyakunen Umeshu is a natural product made by slowly

aging undiluted sake prepared with fresh, carefully selected,

unripe ume plums (shirokaga) grown in Japan

and adding spring water from Kasahara,

Mito, together with honey and brandy.


|||| Convention   ||||

This umeshu was chosen as the best in Japan at the 2008

Osaka Tenman Tenjin Umeshu Convention.
(The Tenman Tenjin Umeshu Convention is a gathering of umeshu brands

from all over Japan, held every year at Osaka’s Tenman-gu,

a shrine dedicated to the ancient ume-lover Sugawara no Michizane.)

|||| Feature       ||||

This umeshu is made with honey and brandy giving it a thick, mellow flavor.

  ||||   Lineup        ||||  


Product name




Ingre dients


Tenshohime Atsuhime

720 ml



It is an authentic umeshu filled

with the extracts and mellow aroma

of ume.

It has a moderate acidity

with a slightly light, smooth flavor

that is not too sweet.

Kiuchi Umeshu

500 ml


Ume, sugar, spirits

Distilled from Hitachino's world-champion beer Nest White Ale,

this umeshu has a slight feel

of spirits about it.

Kiuchi Umeshu brings the rich flavor

of ume to life.
It has a refreshing, hoppy aroma

and is characterized by its slight sweetness and sharp acidity.

Ume Yuzu-hirari

720 ml

7 ~8%


This sake-based umeshu is flavored with citrus and has a reduced alcohol content.

Love Story

500 ml



This is a sake-based umeshu.

Senju no Umeshu

720 ml


Ume stones, Sweet Potato shochu, sugar

A masterful umeshu from the ume capital Mito, Senju no Ume is made

with fresh, carefully-selected, unripe ume plums. This superb umeshu is prepared with sweet potato shochu distilled from 100% Ibaraki-grown beni-azuma sweet potatoes.



Tsukuri Zakaya no

Ume no Osake

720ml 14~15%  

refined sake, Ume, sugar,  brewing   alcohol,  oligosaccharide

This is the prejudice ume liquor which pickled fresh domestic unripe ume in sake. 

It has a unique scent of a fresh plum, deep sourness, and a delicious taste.



Chouki Jyukuseisyu Umesyu 

500ml   8%  


refined sake

   This plum liquor is brewed in long-run aging alcohol for 20 years or more.


720ml   14~15%  Ume,  B randy, Honey  

This plum liquor is made with additive-free plum liquor prepared with 100% of the domestic plum and unprocessed brandy which is our own product and add with honey which is lightly sweetened and full of fragrances.


   Kyou no Umesyu    720ml 12%  Ume  

We do not use any rock candy. This plum liquor is lightly sweetened making and tastes feel refreshed. It has 22% extract.


  Ume wine   500ml  7%    

Smell of fresh plum and acid taste makes an amazing taste for drinking.


  Baikou DX   720ml  14%    

The plums we used are all unripe plums with carefully selected. Brandy and honey make an amazing taste feel little acid.


Product Type:
Fruit Wine"> Fruit Wine
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Brand Name:
Meiri Shurui Co., Ltd.
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