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wakodo Cheese Stick

min.order / fob price
≥1 piece
Production Capacity2400 Piece/Pieces per Month
CategoryBaby Foods
Update Time2011-05-29
company profile
Contact: Ms.Ms. Rie Ueda
Tel: 81-3-35848707
Number of Employees: 11 - 50 People
Business Type: Trading Company  
product details
Model No:Wakodo T16

Packaging Size:418x320x156
Gross Weight: 2.1kg
Including: 24 pieces

The Smile Pocket Snack series
The baby snack is produced for making a baby smile !!
It is safety baby food that is easily melting-in-the-mouth "a smile pocket " !
*Contains plenty of calcium !
*Easy to digest !
*Less-sweetness baked biscuit!!
*Let's try 20 kinds of baby snack !!
*The cheese biscuit with round stick shape!
*A baby can take hold of the small shape of the cheese biscuit !
*Portable individual packaging !
*Without use of artificial coloring, Preservative and flavoring !!



" Smile Pockets” easy-absorbing saliva.
Feature is the shape for easy-absorbing saliva.
Be safe that baby eats the snacks because of  easy-melting in the mouth.
Hole, wrinkle and air layer makes easy to absorb.


"Snack is  nutritionally-essential for a baby to grow up"

For the baby, the height is 1.5 times a year. weight is five times.
Though they have to receive a lot of nutrition, it is impossible to eat a lot once because the digestive and absorptive function is immature. Therefore, it is said that snacks are necessary to replace the nutrition that was not able to be taken with mother's milk (milk) and the baby food. Clearly, snack is to eat after baby food.  Please note that too much snacks interfere in their healthy diet.


"Helpful for the growth of baby's motility function"
It is one of the growth of baby's motility function to come to be able to "hold" or "pinch" by themselves.  Have you experienced that a baby makes a mess of baby food? Let's try to make use of snacks for practices of holding or pinching !


"Helpful for baby to know the joy of eating"
Have you battled against a baby while mealtime?
Snack time can be relaxed for a baby, mother and father more than mealtime.  It is snack's role to tell a baby that eating is fun.



Wheat flour, cheddar cheese, sugar, shortening, corn starch, sweetened condensed fat-free milk, salt, fat-free milk, carbonate calcium, baking powder, flavoring, vitamin B1


*The factory manufactures the products including eggs and peanuts.


*Watch a baby lick , chew or swallow until eating completely.
*Watch a baby not to stuff  the mouth full at a time.
*Do not give when a baby lies down, is carried on the back or cries very much.
*While or after eating, give boiled water which has cooled or barley tea.
*Until a baby gets used to baby food, give it after dipping in boiled water which has cooled.
*Age is only as guide.
*It may be seen small black parts. It is one of the parts of ingredients, so it is not detrimental to the quality.
*After opening, eat completely quickly to avoid moisture. 
*Do not give too much even if a baby feels better. Plan eating time and the quantity.
*Although it is manufactured for melting easily in a baby's mouth, it may be difficult to eat for some babies.
Watch  a baby until eating completely.
*After eating, clean baby's mouth with water or barley tea.



Only accept 100% T/T in advance at the first time.


WAKODO has the longest history as a maker of baby food and baby stuffs in Japan. Wakodo pharmacy founded in 1906 by Dr. Tsukasa Hirota, the first professor for pediatrics in Tokyo University, was the predecessor of WAKODO. After that, in 1917, WAKODO released Japanese milk powder for the first time in Japan.

A pioneer maker nursery items.

Baby food has helped with growth of a child since baby food named "Gris meer" was released in 1937. WAKODO will support baby with "GunGun" or baby food.


We will answer inquiries promptly.


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Product Type: baby food Type: Snacks Age: 7 months-
Packaging: Box Shelf Life: Best if Sold by Packaging Date Weight (kg): Gross weight: 77g/per piece
Brand Name: wakodo Place of Origin: Japan Model Number: Wakodo T16
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