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Yellow Dextrin
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CategoryModified Starch
Update Time2013-04-25
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Visco Starch Manufacturer
Contact: Mr.Sanjay Dabhi
Tel: 91-987-9184445
Number of Employees: < 20
Business Type: Manufacture & Trade
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Brand:Yellow Dextrin
Yellow dextrin is manufactured by partially hydrolyzing starch, using the dry roasting method in the presence of a catalyst. VISCO yellow dextrin comes with wide range of specifications such as solubility, viscosity, pH, Color. It is manufactured from best quality of starch specially treated and formulated by various additives. 
It is in the form of fine dry powder ranging from light to dark yellow in color. Dextrin washes out quickly and easily and do not react with chemicals used in the process. It is widely used as water soluble adhesives, tackifiers and as binding agents in various industries.
Applications / Advantages:
1)  VISCO yellow dextrin is highly soluble in cold water and is used as binder in adhesive applications where high solubility, high solids, good tack and solution stability are required.
2)  It is used as a binder in foundry core operation to give good strength to moulds and to prevent deformation of the core. They do not make the core too dense, so that there are no trapped gases which cause blow holes.
3)  It is widely used as extenders in dyes and as a binder in abrasive industry.
4)  It is used as binder in ceramic Industry, gouache paint and acoustical tile.
5)  Our made yellow dextrin extensively used in dry distemper to acts as a carrier and imparts good adhesions of the color to the wall.
6)  It is used as a printing Thickener for batik resist dyeing and as an adhesive in leather pasting.
7)  It is ideal in making adhesive for envelopes, corrugation, gummed labels and tapes, paper cone, paper tubes, paper bags, bottom pasting, side pasting, spiral tube, cigarette pasting and match-head & match box. 
8)  Yellow dextrin films have greater elasticity and strength than mere starch films with equal thickness.
Starch Source: Corn, Tapioca or Potato
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