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Yellow Mountain Green Tea

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≥1 piece
OriginAnhui province
Production Capacity
CategoryGreen tea
Update Time2021-02-24
company profile
Yellow Mountain Guangming Tea Co., Ltd.
China GOLD Supplier
Contact: Ms.Jane Xie
Tel: 86-0559-3562288
Number of Employees: 100 ~ 500
Business Type: Manufacture & Trade & Service
product details
Origin:Anhui province

Yellow mountain fuzz tip: it is green tea. Generally, it has one bud with one leaf or two leaves. Leaves slightly roll up in appearance like sparrow's tongue, and are greenish yellow with dense silver pekoe. What’s more, it has golden fish leaf – the first leaf of the new shoot, which is named after ‘gold piece’. After brewing, the color of tea liquor is limpid and yellowish, and the tea leaves after brewing is yellowish green, fresh and alive. The taste is mellow, rich with quick sweet after taste. The aroma is like orchid smelling with long-lasting charm.

Making techniques: fixation, rolling, baking.

Property and medical effects: it is cold in nature, able to refresh one’s mind, promote diuresis, delay aging, resist bacterial, inhibit atherosclerosis, keep heart pump and get spasmolysis, prevent decayed tooth, loose fat, prevent radiation, inhibit cancer cells.

Source of production: Huangshan city, Anhui province

Picking period: Before and after the tomb-sweeping day

Storageto be stored in a dry place or in the refrigerator at the temperature of about -18 ℃ 

Brewing Tips: put around 5g of tea into 350ml cup,then brew with hot water at the temperature of 85-90℃

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