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Kunming Yunye Edible Mushroom Co., Ltd
Kunming Yunye Edible Mushroom Co., Ltd is a developing private enterprise. We have for more than ten years dedicated to developing and researching on wild edible mushroom and have reached a deep and precise level of process. The products are mainly exported to most Southeast Asia countries especiall...more
Featured Products
frozen nameko mushroom
frozen nameko mushroom The whole year
fresh porcini mushrooms(boletus edulis)
Porcini The whole year
Frozen /fresh Black Truffles
Dried Suillus Granulatus
Dried Suillus Granulatus The whole year
Dried Pleurotus
Dried Pleurotus The whole year
Dried Champignon
Dried Champignon The whole year
Brined Cantharellus Cibarius